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Australian Motor Club is a proud supporter and sponsor of the L2P Program in the council of Darebin in Victoria.



L2P Program


This story is about preventative measures to reduce the carnage by assisting new would-be drivers to our roads.

Across Victoria, about 50 suburban and regional councils have taken an initiative with the partnership of the TAC (Transport Accident Commission) and there is no doubt in my mind it must be saving lives.

Basically, organisations like DIVRS (Darebin Information, Volunteer & Resource Service), a not for profit organisation supported by Darebin City Council and mostly manned by volunteers, participate in the L2P Program which assists learner drivers under 21 years of age who do not have access to suitable adults or suitable cars, to gain the mandatory 120 hours of supervised learner driving experience required by Vic Roads for a Victorian Drivers Licence.

DIVRS has almost 50 volunteer mentors now putting through over 50 young drivers at any one time and I believe they are really making a difference. Talking to some of them at a recent presentation of vehicles  I was super impressed by their enthusiasm and understanding of the young people they are supporting. They truly get a big kick out of watching these young people getting experience on our roads and the success rate is outstanding with what calculates to a 98% success rate getting licenses the first time.

This in itself shows they are putting more responsible well-trained drivers on to our roads and giving them a better chance of survival. It seems to be great for the mentors as well as they divest their experience on to these young drivers and feel that they are really making a difference to road safety.

We as Australian Motor Club are proud sponsors of the L2P Program in Darebin and will continue to expand our involvement.


Shane de Gelder