Join as an Organisation

If you want to get benefits for your membership as a group apply for this group relationship and you will benefit all your members and the organisation you belong to.

Who needs to apply?

You don't have to be one of your organisations administrators, you may just be a member. We are happy to discuss it with you and then help you to present it to your organisation.

If you are an administrator all the better.

Why do organisations benefit?

Some organisations like professional associations have paid up members and it is a great look to be winning your members benefits for their investment. It helps especially in getting new members and getting renewals paid even though we know you work very hard for them already.

The other big benefit is because the group buys better than the individual, you as a group have a greater buying power. Based on your organisations demographic we approach manufacturers and service providers for greater concessions on your behalf, and we of course know what to ask and how to ask.

Sometimes we are even able to provide financial benefits for the organisation based on their memberships usage, so it can be financially beneficial to the group as a whole.

Is it difficult to join as an organisation?

Not really, but depending on how much we get involved with you will vary how much paperwork we have to do together.