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Australian Motor Club Salary Packaging


If you are fulltime employee you most likely qualify for Salary Packaging.

Australian Motor Club can assist employees and employers to set up their salary packaging.

We have a FREE e-Booklet that will assit you to understand how Salary Packaging is a benefit to both Employees and Employers.

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Salary Packaging is available to every employee paying tax through their employer and allows you to recover some of the finance and running costs of your motor vehicle.

It is really simple to set up for you and your employer and you won't believe the savings.

To get started you have 3 OPTIONS

  • Have an online or on the phone session with one of our AMC Salary Packaging consultants for about five minutes and you will know almost straight away if salary packaging suits you.
  • Go to one of our Think Leasing dealers and have a face-to-face.
  • Use our online 'Our Credit Team' (OCT) and do it in your own time wherever you are.

    Open to Employees and Employers ( all sizes)

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